Royal Marines in the Indian Ocean

Beach Park Company, 1st R.M. Group, M.N.B.D.O. I

The formation of the Beach Park Company, 1st R.M. Group, M.N.B.D.O. I began with the transfer of acting Lieutenant C.W.G. Piper, R.M.E. from ‘P’ Company, Royal Marine Engineers, his promotion to acting/temporary Captain and posting to the Beach Park Company.  This occurred at Rifle Green Camp, Colombo on 20th September 1943.  The relevant heavy plant machinery was placed under the control of the new unit and several civilian labourers were employed from 11th October.  Military personnel in the form of Royal Marines from the Landing and Maintenance Unit, No.s 1 and 2 Landing Companies, the Group Transport Company and the R.M. Depot were posted to the unit on 25th October, together with Royal Marine Engineers from ‘P’ Company, R.M.E.[1]

During January 1944, in preparation of the Royal Marines departure for the United Kingdom, mechanical plant and stores were disposed of to ‘P’ and ‘Q’ Companies, R.M.E. and Royal Engineers units on Ceylon.  Personnel temporarily posted from various R.M. units were returned to their units.  In early March, remaining stores and transport were handed back and personnel boarded ship for Egypt on 11th March.  The ship arrived at Suez on 24th March and the men went to 157 Transit Camp before going to H.M.S. Phoenix, a Royal Navy shore establishment at Suez, the next day.  On 6th April, the personnel sailed from Port Said and arrived at Liverpool on 22nd April.  The next day, the men disembarked and went to Strathaven, Scotland where they were taken on strength of No. 1 Landing Company, R.M.[2]

14 June 2021

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